Chicken croquettes or spinach croquettes
Cuttlefish croquettes
Fried squid rings
Chicken wings with barbecue sauce
Little hot peppers from “Padron”
Battered Brie cheese
with blueberries marmalade
Battered cheese with tomato marmalade
Scrambled eggs with potatoes, mushrooms and prawns
Prawns in garlic sauce
Grilled prawns
Steamed mussels
Beef carpaccio
with parmesan cheese, rocket and balsamic vinegar
Tomato soup or onion soup
Cheese, ibericos ham and bread
with tomato
Garlic bread
Bread with tomato and olive oil
Bread, olives and garlic mayonnaise


Tuna salad
Mixed lettuce, tomato, onion, tuna and olives
Cesar salad Chicken
Mozzarella, tomato and basil
Warm salad
Mixed lettuce, avocado, prawns and surimi with citrus vinaigrette
Mediterranean salad
Mixed lettuce, feta cheese black olives, tomatoes and special house dressing
Goat cheese salad
Mixed lettuce, goat cheese with bacon
Roquefort salad
Mixed lettuce, Roquefort cheese and chicken


Lasagne of vegetables
Tagliatelli bolognaise or carbonara
Chicken ravioli with cocktail sauce
Ricotta and walnut ravioli with spinach sauce
Tagliatelli with garlic and prawns


Cod au gratin with garlic and a touch of honey
Grilled sole
Sole Waleska
Salmon with basil sauce
Salmon with basil sauce
Lamb shoulder in sauce
Duck breast with mango sauce
Fresh Norwegian salmon
Tuna of the Mediterranean
Sea bass rolled up on bacon


Mixed grilled vegetables
Lamb chops
Beef kebab
Pork fillet kebab
Chicken kebab
Chicken breast
Pork ribs
Grilled chicken
Grilled pork fillet
Grilled lamb fillet
Grilled beef fillet
Grilled beef tenderloin with goat cheese
Irish Angus beef steak
Grilled beef with foie-gras
Mixed grilled meat (min. 2 pers) (p.p.)
Pork fillet, chicken breast, lamb chops and entrecote
Mixed grilled Carabela (min. 2 pers) (p.p.)
Grilled deer tenderloin, grilled kangaroo fillet, beef fillet and lamb fillet
Grilled deer tenderloin
Kangaroo steak
Galician beef entrecote
Irish Angus entrecote
Angus Burger (IRISH) 250 Gr
Premium Black Angus entrecote (USA)
Beef T-Bone steak
Chateaubriand (min 2 pers) (p.p.)
Sauces included

*All our grilled dishes are served with garnish

Sauces: Pepper | Mushrooms | Red wine | Barbecue | Bearnesa | Roquefort | Curry


Nuggets with chips
Cheeseburger with chips
Spaghetti Bolognese or with parmesan cheese
Tomato soup
Fish fingers with chips
Frankfurt with chips
Chicken scallop with chips